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Price: $28.00
Hasbro Manufacturer : parker brothers
Binding : Toy
Brand : Hasbro


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Quick thinking, rapid reflexes, and skilled hand-eye coordination are required for the fast-paced game of Top It. One or more players are challenged to keep up with the electronic voice giving the commands "Flop it!" "Flip it!" or "Top it!" It's a bit difficult at first to differentiate "Flop" from "Top," but the game picks up in tempo and fun once your ear is accustomed. Should you drop the ball or take too long to respond, the voice becomes a taunting laugh, making you want to play again and again to prove it wrong. When not in use for several minutes, Top It automatically shuts off to prolong the life of the four AAA batteries (not included). --Pam Lauer More info ...

Price: $28.00



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