Sassy Baby's First Rattle and Teether 5 Piece Gift Set

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Sassy 809

Manufacturer : Sassy
Binding : Baby Product
Brand : Sassy
Model : 809
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With literally dozens of award-winning toys to their name, it’s no wonder Sassy is a favorite among parents and babies alike. This 5-piece gift pack of rattles and teethers is a great introductory set and supplies the fun, educational, and engaging features that babies need in early, developmental months. Each toy on its own provides a feast of color, texture, sound, and movement to stimulate baby's senses and encourage development.

About the five toys included: Goo Goo Goldfish: This orange and yellow polka dotted fish has a clear, plastic tube that connects the head to the tail. Colorful beads rattle inside the tube when shaken and teach baby cause and effect. The fish’s "fin" offers baby something interesting to mouth on when teething.

Hello Baby Phone Rattle: This rattle phone features nubby textures, soft noises, and bright colors to stimulate baby’s senses. Its miniature design is the perfect size for tiny hands to hold onto.

Circle Rattle: This thin ring (perfect for little hands) of bright patterns, soft sounds, and chewy textures provides baby with visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

Smiley Space Face: Meant to capture baby’s imagination, this toy has eyes that move, a nose that beeps, and beads that rattle. A mirror on the back helps develop self-awareness and interaction. (Babies react to faces by the age of 2 to 3 months, so the bright yellow Smiley face plus baby’s own reflection will interest even young ones.)

Teething Wing Butterfly: This happy butterfly has one textured, open wing (making it easy for baby to hold) and one water-filled wing—both perfect for mouthing. Exploration with the mouth helps exercise lips and tongue for sound and speech development. The Wing Butterfly can be placed in the refrigerator if baby prefers a cool teether when cutting new teeth.

Recommended for use from birth on up, Baby's First Rattle and Teether Gift Set from Sassy i More info ...
Price: $39.95


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