Lansinoh 20435 Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25-Count Boxes

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Price: $12.99

Lansinoh 20435

Manufacturer : Lansinoh
Binding : Health and Beauty
Brand : Lansinoh
Model : 20435
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Breastmilk Storage BagExpressing breast milk from work takes a lot of time and dedication, so anything that will make the process easier is appreciated by moms. Storing milk in bottles takes up valuable freezer space and means that you have to keep purchasing more and more bottles to build up your stash of food for baby. These plastic breast milk storage bags come pre-sterilized, and are easy to carry around--as they’re not much bigger than a travel pack of tissues. In fact, they come in a tissue-style dispenser, making them easy to access and store. Each bag stores up to 6 ounces, or 180 milliliters of milk, and seals tightly to preserve freshness. Bags lay flat in the freezer saving plenty of space for more milk or other foods. Milk transfers easily from bag to bottle with no spillage. A tab above the fill area lets you write the express date, volume of milk, and the name of your child (in case you are handing it off to a busy daycare provider for feedings) on the bag without worry that you may puncture and contaminate your milk with ink. For moms who have to temporarily store their milk in a busy office refrigerator, a tamper-evident safety seal on each bag informs you if someone has been in your supply. Each box includes 25 storage bags. --Cristina Vaamonde More info ...
Price: $12.99


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