Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays

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ListPrice: $13.95
Price: $7.47

Fresh Baby 13510

Manufacturer : Fresh Baby
Binding : Baby Product
Brand : Fresh Baby
Model : 13510
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Fresh Baby Food Trays are specially designed for making fresh-frozen baby in quantity and at home. Making baby food in quantity once or twice a week is easy and convenient and the Fresh Baby Food Trays make it's even easier. We designed our trays so that each compartment is a one-ounce cube - a single serving size for your baby. Each tray contains 12 compartments. Using one set of trays you make 24 servings of baby food at a time! Plus, each Fresh Baby Food Tray includes a cover to prevent freezer burn and to keep freezer odors out of your baby's food. More info ...
Price: $7.47


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