Earlyears Pound n' Play

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ListPrice: $16.99
Price: $8.24

Earlyears E00500

Manufacturer : Earlyears
Binding : Toy
Brand : Earlyears
Model : E00500
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Includes hammer and four balls to "pound", cleverly designed with different faces to the light side, facing one side of each colored ball. As one ball is hammered through the hole, the hidden ramp brings the ball ahead of the game, where a mirror is perfectly able to attract the attention of new babies! Pound N Play International is designed toys for the baby who wants to repeat an activity and busy with his hands. The box - with four colored holes to match the colored balls with faces, an inner hallway and a mirror - it will provide endless hours of fun and learning for your child. The hammer to help engage middle movements, and replacing the balls in their holes pounded develop eye-hand coordination. This can be a perfect toy for a child who is less willing to run the engine very delicate and must use energy to spare. Made of lightweight, durable, colorful plastic that can withstand thousands of poundings. - Sandy Hirsch More info ...
Price: $8.24


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